Episode 10208 - Thursday, July 25th, 2013
Posted on Jul 25, 2013 03:20pm

Summer breaks down in Jack’s arms. Jack sits with Phyllis and says they have an amazing daughter.

Abby reads the GC Buzz post that says Cane was spotted boarding a plane with a beautiful woman who is not his wife. Lily calls Cane and Hilary reveals that she is answering Cane’s phone while he’s in a meeting. Abby wonders why Cane didn’t tell Lily that he took Hilary with him. Lily insists that she and Cane trust each other and nothing can come between them. Meanwhile, Leslie tells Neil that the blogger must be watching them to get new information.

At the police station, Michael is denied bail. Jill stops by and tells him that Lauren and Fen didn’t come home last night. Paul offers to send a patrol car around. Kevin manages to track Lauren’s phone. Meanwhile at the cabin, Carmine asks Lauren to admit that their time together means something for her too. Lauren plays along and eyes a knife on the table.