Episode 10211 - Tuesday, July 30th, 2013
Posted on Jul 30, 2013 03:00pm

After the bloggers latest post about Tyler and Lily, Abby freaks out and asks if the blogger knows something about the two of them that she doesn’t. When Lily leaves in frustration, Tyler admits that he was attracted to Lily at one point, but that doesn’t matter now that he has met Abby.

Neil goes to the Evanston bar where he first met Rose. Neil tries to remember more by sitting in the booth they sat at. Leslie tells Neil that there may be a way to get his memories back and she suggests hypnosis.

Melanie tells Billy that her sexual harassment claim against Adam is moving forward. Melanie says she intends on ruining Adam one way or another.

Daniel arrives at the hospital and embraces Summer. After he sits with Phyllis, Daniel makes an important phone call.

When Adam asks Jack if there’s anything he can do to help him, Jack says he is going to keep fighting for the woman he loves. Billy tells Adam the Abbott’s will be there for Jack. Later, Adam is shocked when he is served with papers for a sexual harassment suit.