Episode 10215 - Monday, August 5th, 2013
Posted on Aug 5, 2013 03:00pm

When Noah questions if Sharon is off her medication, she tries to reassure him that everything is fine. Meanwhile, Nick tries to smooth things over between him and Avery before she leaves for Georgia. Noah comes to see Nick and expresses his concerns about Sharon. Nick promises to look in on Sharon after he drops Avery off at the airport.

Hilary calls Cane and informs him that the blogger has struck again. Meanwhile, Neil tells Devon and Lily about the night he was on a bender and met Rose.

Adam admits to having sex with Melanie, but maintains that he did not rape her. Adam asks Paul to have Melanie come in and accuse him to his face. Leslie arrives to defend Adam.

Billy deduces that Melanie is making up the rape charges, and asks her to retract them. When Adam asks Melanie to recant her story and go away, Melanie tells Adam that she wants him to suffer.

When Chelsea doubles over in pain, Dylan calls the doctor. At the hospital, Dr. Sterning tells Chelsea the baby would be fine if it was born now. Chelsea considers telling Dylan the truth.