Episode 10224 - Friday, August 16th, 2013
Posted on Aug 16, 2013 03:00pm

Several of the residents of Genoa City receive postcards from Katherine, inviting them to the Chancellor mansion. Nikki tells Victor that she looks forward to seeing her dearest friend again. Lily and Cane head over to the mansion and discuss the postcards with Esther and Jill. Chloe and Devon join the group as they prepare to welcome Katherine home. Jill gets a call from Murphy who apologizes for being late and asks everyone to stay put until he arrives. Victor mentions that Katherine’s trip sounded like the kind of adventure you wait your whole life for.

While Nick prepares a romantic evening to welcome Avery back home, Sharon calls him to say that Faith wants to see him. After the three of them enjoy playing games together, Faith falls asleep and Sharon enjoys the happy sight of the family she longs to have with Nick. Avery finds the note that Nick left. She grabs her keys and leaves.

Billy pulls out all the stops to prove to Victoria that he is committed to their relationship. Victoria is amused by his efforts, but wonders if this is really going to change anything. Billy asks her to let him make his case, and promises she won’t regret it.