Episode 10226 - Tuesday, August 20th, 2013
Posted on Aug 20, 2013 03:00pm

Jill goes to Jack to tell him about Katherine. They reminisce and discuss what her loss will mean to everyone Genoa City.Michael and Lauren bring Paul a flower box with eleven dead roses that contain a note from Carmine. Paul assures them they will find him. Laura receives a phone call from Jack telling her about Katherine. Michael tells Lauren to go be with Jill.Avery wants to move forward with marrying Nick. Meanwhile, Sharon tells Noah that she ran the red light rushing home to Faith, and that she drove across town because there was an accident near the cemetery. Noah gets a call from Nick asking him to be his best man and that the wedding will take place in a week. Later, Cassie tells Sharon that she needs to pull it together before people find out the truth.Kyle tells Summer that he is going to make thing easier by moving out of the Abbott mansion. Summer says she needs to stay in Phyllis’s apartment because it’s the only place where she doesn’t feel torn between two families. Later, Avery asks Summer to be her maid of honor.Jill talks to Katherine’s picture asking how can she do this to her. Lauren stops by to comfort Jill.