Episode 10231 - Monday, August 26th, 2013
Posted on Aug 26, 2013 03:00pm

Before Victoria leaves to help Nick put together the wedding, she makes Billy promise that he won’t use any power tools while building the bookcase. When Chloe comes to pick up Delia, Billy hits his thumb with the hammer. Delia says that Billy’s thumb won’t be better until Chloe kisses it. Chloe leans down to obey her daughter’s request just as Victoria comes back home.

Chelsea explains to Chloe that Adam asked her to be a character witness and that he doesn’t deserve to go to prison. Chloe argues that Chelsea deserves a happy life, and with Adam out of the way she can have one. Later, Chelsea defends Adam to Melanie, telling him that no matter how awful he is, he is not the monster she is accusing him of being. Later, Melanie makes an important decision about the case.

Adam tells Jack that Leslie wants him to cut a deal, but he is not going to admit to rape for lighter charges. When Adam wonders if it is time to cut his losses and leave Genoa City, Jack tells him that running will only make things worse.

Jill and Esther argue over whether or not Katherine would want Jill to have the combination to the safe. Later, Jill realizes the combination and finds an important gift from Katherine inside.