Episode 10233 - Wednesday, August 28th, 2013
Posted on Aug 28, 2013 03:00pm

Avery worries that Faith is unhappy about her wedding to Nick wedding. Nick tells Avery that Sharon is going to help talk to Faith.

Mason tells Neil that he doesn’t remember Ann Turner or ever getting a call from her, but he will get a list of employees in reception for him. When Neil leaves, Mason warns Hilary about Neil’s curiosity.

Hilary tells Cane that Devon is accusing her of trying to come between his marriage to Lily. When Cane goes home and finds Devon and Lily talking about the blogger, Devon assures Cane that Hilary is painting him to be the bad guy. When Devon and Lily tell Cane their suspicions about Hilary, Cane said it would only make sense if Hilary is actually Ann Turner.

Kevin figures out that Carmine scanned a picture of an I.D. badge for a maintenance worker of the crew from Lauren and Michael’s building. Meanwhile, Lauren is shocked to see Carmine in her apartment. Michael and Carmine face off and Lauren pulls a gun on Carmine.

Sharon explains to Faith that Nick is going to marry Avery and she needs to accept that. Faith doesn’t think Avery can make him happy the way Sharon can.