Episode 10235 - Friday, August 30th, 2013
Posted on Aug 30, 2013 03:00pm

Jill notices that in the sketch of Katherine, she is holding a copy of Pride and Prejudice. Jill pulls out a copy of the book from the shelf, and a bookmark with the initials G.R. falls out. Jill questions what Katherine’s first husband, Gary Reynolds, has to do with this. Chloe mentions the necklace in the sketch and how she has never seen it before. Esther informs them that the necklace was from Katherine’s first husband, Gary.

Jack tells Summer that her going to Georgia for a while to see Phyllis is a good idea.

Adam makes an important call to his mystery investor.

Dylan inspects the bookcase that Billy made and jokingly says that he should start over. Billy takes pride in the work that he completed with Delia.

Chelsea is confident that helping Adam get the rape charges dropped was a good idea and that he’ll still keep his distance and stay out of her life. Later, Chelsea and Dylan take Connor in for his check-up. The doctor informs them that Connor is likely to develop Retinitis Pigmentosa and could eventually go blind. The doctor shocks Chelsea when he informs them that the disease is inherited from a parent.