Episode 10242 - Thursday, September 12th, 2013
Posted on Sep 12, 2013 03:00pm

Faith refuses to get dressed for the wedding until her doll, Miss Patsy, can be found. Nick let’s her open a gift from Avery, which is the new doll she has been asking for. Faith tosses it aside and says she doesn’t want a new doll. Faith runs to Sharon’s house and declares that she hates Avery. Meanwhile, Leslie asks Avery if part of her is still in love with Dylan. Avery gives herself a pep talk and decides against calling Dylan.While Billy and Victoria help set up for Nick and Avery’s wedding, Billy is reminded of all the times he married Victoria. The two declare their love for each other, as Abby and Tyler catch them in this tender moment. Abby and Tyler congratulate Billy and Victoria on or their renewed affection. Later, Leslie asks Tyler if things are getting serious between him and Abby. Nick waits at Chancellor Park without Avery, and tries to reassure the wedding guest as well as himself that Avery is on her way. Meanwhile, Avery is about to leave for the wedding, but stops when she finds a heartbroken Dylan sitting outside her door.When Chloe tells Chelsea to fight for her family, Chelsea says she does not know how to without Dylan and that losing Connor to Adam will kill her. Chloe tries to convince her that if the case goes to court, Adam will lose.