Episode 10273 - Friday, October 25th, 2013
Posted on Oct 25, 2013 03:00pm

Jack gathers the Abbott family together to discuss how they can help Billy. Later, Traci, Kyle, Summer, Abby, and Jack are delighted when Ashley returns to offer her support.

Adam runs into Sharon and Faith in the park. When Sharon questions what is troubling Adam, he explains the transplant that Connor received from Delia.

Nick agrees to go riding with Sharon and Faith. When Nick asks Sharon how she is doing, she tells Nick that she has a new prescription and is taking her pills.

Against Lauren’s wishes, Fen tells Christine he was high the night that Carmine died. Lauren is horrified as Fen continues to share information about the night Carmine died. Meanwhile, Michael continues to frustrate Paul when he refuses to tell the truth about the night that Carmine died. Later, Paul surprises Christine.