Episode 10285 - Tuesday, November 12th, 2013
Posted on Nov 12, 2013 03:00pm

Victor gets upset when Dylan arrives at the Veteran’s Day event. Paul realizes that Nikki is trying to reach out to Dylan with this event. Nick tells Avery that no matter what happened between them, Dylan deserves to be at the event.

Fen tells Summer that he remembers pulling the trigger, but everything else is hazy. Later, he tells Summer shocking news about Courtney.

At the Underground, Devon opens up a bar tab, and Mason steals his credit card.

Jill visits Billy and tells him that she will take care of things at the restaurant for him. When Victoria gets home, Billy admits to her that he needs help.

Paul tells Lauren that they found a napkin in the alley near Carmine’s body and it had her DNA on it. Lauren suggests that Carmine took the napkin as a memento. Paul says she could be right, but he knows that Michael didn’t kill Carmine.

Avery admits to Dylan that she never realized how deeply she could love someone or what real terror felt like until he was gone and she was alone. Dylan surprises Avery with a kiss.