Episode 10288 - Friday, November 15th, 2013
Posted on Nov 15, 2013 03:00pm

Billy and Victoria go to a meeting for a bereavement group and meet a woman named Kelly whose son died in an accident. Kelly admits that she and her husband split up after their son died.

Avery tells Leslie that Dylan kissed her. While Leslie is happy for her friend, Avery worries that it could lead to disaster since she is keeping the secret about Nikki being Dylan’s mother. Meanwhile, Dylan bumps into Chelsea and Connor in the park. Chelsea tells Dylan that she has decided to continue living with Adam. When Chelsea goes home with Connor and asks Adam if he has heard anything about the hit and run, Adam explodes and says that asking about it every five seconds doesn’t help. Later, Adam apologizes and tells Chelsea that he just wishes he had answers.

Nick tells Sharon that Dylan showed up with Avery to the Veteran’s Day event. When Sharon tells Nick about Victor accusing her of locking them in the freezer together and that Adam came to her defense, Nick tells her not to let Adam back into her life. When Nick and Sharon take Faith to Crimson Lights, they bump into Dylan and Faith tells him that she wants a new dollhouse. Later, Dylan tells Avery that he’s thinking about surprising Faith with the dollhouse.