Episode 10293 - Friday, November 22nd, 2013
Posted on Nov 22, 2013 03:00pm

When Nick questions Nikki about the dinner and ask if she’s feeling alright, Nikki assures him that she is fine. The Newman family gathers at the club for dinner as Nikki prepares to tell her family her news about Dylan. Nikki is interrupted by Dylan and Avery’s arrival. When Nick goes over to confront Dylan, Avery tries unsuccessfully to try and stop them from fighting.Michael worries when a guard refers to Fen as Mouse. Paul visits Michael in prison with good news. When Michael hopes that Paul is having Fen moved to a safer part of the prison, Paul says that Fen isn’t being moved, but there is a good chance they can get a reversal on Michael’s conviction. Michael is worried that if he gets out then Fen won’t be protected.Victor’s P.I. tells him that he should have a list of cars that match the license plate soon. Later, Victoria asks Adam if he has found anything out from his contacts about Delia’s hit and run. Adam tells her that he hasn’t and that he wishes people would stop hounding him.