Episode 10297 - Monday, December 2, 2013
Posted on Dec 2, 2013 03:00pm

After Ashley sprains her ankle during Thanksgiving, Abby takes her to the hospital to get it looked at. Abby is delighted to find that Stitch is the doctor on call and tries to play matchmaker for her mother. When Stitch leaves the room, Ashley points out that he is married. Later, Abby opens up about her relationship with Tyler and how she is worried about his ex, Mariah.

Noah and Kyle pitch ideas to Victor about growing the youth demographics for Newman-Chancellor. Later, Jill and Jack question Kyle’s involvement with Victor.

Victoria tells Billy about Dylan and suggests that he might be able to help him understand what it’s like to deal with the Newman’s. Billy tells Victoria that he’d rather not get in the middle of her family drama. As he heads out to a grief meeting, Victoria prepares to go with him, but he tells her he is more comfortable going alone. Later, Billy runs into Kelly outside of the meeting and they agree to go out for coffee.