Episode 10301 - Friday, December 6th, 2013
Posted on Dec 6, 2013 02:00pm

Avery and Nick have a tense discussion about Dylan being a part of the Newman family. Avery questions if Dylan and Nick would have a shot at treating each other like family if she wasn’t in the middle. Dylan opens up to Stitch about his biological father and how he was the leader of a cult.

Chelsea thanks Adam for standing up for her and appreciates that the complications Victor used to bring to their relationship don’t exist anymore. Things heat up as they passionately kiss. Later, Chelsea tells Adam that they’re in a good place now and she doesn’t want to mess anything up and that their main focus has to be on Connor.

Cane figures out that Jill is still planning on going after Victor. Jill insists that she is only going after what is rightfully hers and what Katherine must have truly wanted for her all along. Later, Jill says that she intends to sell Katherine’s music box.

Paul assures Kevin that they are doing all they can to find who ran down Delia.

When Victor asks Nikki if Paul was with her when she went to Chicago, Nikki admits that he had been helping her find her son. Nikki admits to Victor that she was worried that he would try and stop her from finding her son.