Episode 10314 - Wednesday, December 25th, 2013
Posted on Dec 25, 2013 03:00pm

Adam and Chelsea celebrate Connor’s first Christmas. They are interrupted by Chloe who is there with presents for Connor and fabric samples for Chelsea. When Chloe leaves, Chelsea tells Adam that she wants her to be Connor’s godmother. Meanwhile, Victor gives Victoria shares of Newman-Chancellor for her to give to Johnny. She is touched by his gesture and points out that he loves Johnny as family even though he is not biologically his grandson. Victor tells her that he sees what she is trying to do and he doesn’t plan on ever accepting Dylan as a part of their family.

Leslie works on Christmas to help get the charges against Devon dropped. Alex tells her to go home and enjoy the day. Later, Neil asks why Leslie has been avoiding him.

Jack does his best to try and distract Billy by giving him gifts for ice fishing. Billy confides in Jack that he saw Delia by the tree.

A plumbing problem at the Coffee House causes Dylan to be stuck there until someone shows up to fix it. Avery is determined to not let this ruin their Christmas plans and she brings Christmas dinner to him.