Episode 10315 - Thursday, December 26th, 2013
Posted on Dec 26, 2013 03:00pm

Billy bumps into Adam and learns that he has reunited with Chelsea. Billy declares that anything is possible if Chelsea would forgive Adam for all he has done.

Alex tells Gloria that Kevin can’t give her any information about Delia’s investigation or Fen’s case. Gloria demands answers and a frustrated Alex leaves. Later, Gloria questions how Chloe has been coping during the holidays without Delia. Gloria watches happily as Kevin and Chloe share good memories of times with Delia.

Jill discovers an unwrapped present under the Christmas tree and is shocked to find Katherine’s music box.

Courtney grows uncomfortable when Noah says that he wants to meet her family. Courtney starts to tell Noah about her family but is interrupted by a text that she has to deal with. Noah explains that he heard about Zach from Summer. Courtney assures Noah that there is nobody that matters to her more than him.