Episode 10325 - Friday, January 10th, 2013
Posted on Jan 10, 2014 03:00pm

Friends and family gather at the church for Connor’s naming ceremony. Chelsea is shocked when Victor arrives and Adam decides to let him stay.

Billy comes home and finds Victoria on the phone with Kelly. Billy grows uncomfortable as Victoria explains that Kelly called to apologize for leaving dinner abruptly. Later, Billy tells Adam that he knows he set up the foundation in Delia’s name.

Kevin and Alex are both disappointed when the list of SUVs with a license plate starting with the letter "G” is empty. It seems that the witness, George, gave them bad information. Alex still thinks that George is lying in order to make a deal.

Noah apologizes to Courtney for how he acted and for pushing her about her family. Later, Courtney shows up to see "Zach” and tells him she broke up with Noah.