Episode 10327 - Tuesday, January 14th, 2014
Posted on Jan 14, 2014 03:00pm

Stitch visits with Dylan and asks about his search for Ian. When Nikki arrives, Stitch encourages Dylan to open up to her. Nikki asks Dylan not to follow up on the lead he found on Ian being in Indiana.

Michael asks Paul to investigate who sent him the anonymous cake. Paul thinks Michael is being paranoid but agrees to send a patrol car by a couple of times a day. Paul reminds Michael that the best thing he can do for his family is to work on Fen’s defense. Meanwhile, Lauren meets with Neil to discuss the unveiling of Chelsea’s line at Fenmore’s. Neil thinks that they should wait until things are more settled in Lauren’s personal life.

Summer visits Fen and tries to make amends after turning him in during Christmas. Meanwhile, Michael tells Womack to stay away from Fen or he will be sorry. Womack offers to leave Fen alone if Michael can give him the name of the guy that tuned states evidence against him. Later, Summer rushes in late for a photo shoot. Esmeralda gives Summer three energy pills and tells her when she is feeling tired, she should take one.