Episode 10335 - Friday, January 24th, 2014
Posted on Jan 24, 2014 03:10pm

Nikki is shocked to find herself face to face with Ian Ward. Nikki slaps Ian when he suggests that she remembers the past wrong and says that she was a willing participant in the New World Commune. Meanwhile, Dylan and Avery happily return to Genoa City and plan to spend the evening together.Jack and Anita congratulate the happy couple as they exchange their vows. Victor finds out that Adam and Chelsea are married and moving to Paris. Victor tells Adam to either change his plans or he is going to the police.Kyle confirms to Jack that Bonaventure started selling the energy pill after they were under the Newman-Chancellor umbrella. Later, Kyle tells Victor that he is quitting his job at Newman-Chancellor.Adam make a big decision about his future.