Episode 10384 - Monday, March 7th, 2014
Posted on Apr 7, 2014 03:00pm

When Abby warns Jack not to fall for Kelly, Jack reminds her that he’s waiting for Phyllis. Meanwhile, Tyler asks for Kelly’s opinion on the engagement ring he bought for Abby. Stitch interrupts and says that Kelly doesn’t care about other people’s marriages. Later, Tyler proposes to Abby in the park.

When Avery plans on turning down the cooking show, Dylan tells her that she’ll regret her decision and convinces her to go for it.

When Billy asks if Victoria and Stitch slept together, she admits that they did. Billy asks her if she was trying to even the score, but Victoria reminds him that they are separated, unlike the night that he spent with Kelly. Victoria tells Billy that she plans to have Avery file the paperwork to confirm their separation.