Episode 9039 - Wednesday, December 3, 2008
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

­Nick calls Sharon to ask her to go to New York for Beauty of Nature and Sharon accepts knowing that he is trying to help get her mind off her failing marriage. Moments later, Phyllis arrives and Nick sees the newest issue of Restless Style in Paris. Phyllis is forced to admit that she was there for the photo shoot. Jack comes by the mansion hoping to talk to Sharon but she insists that it is time that they reveal to Noah that they aren’t together anymore. Meanwhile, Nick continues to push Phyllis for the real reason she never told him that she came to Paris and finally she confesses that she saw him with Sharon. Before Nick can explain, Amber and Daniel enter and announce they are both quitting. Later, Nick explains it was more about the past than the present but Phyllis is gutted when she realizes that Sharon was the one that stopped it not Nick. Later, Sharon explains to Jack that she will support him while he gets counseling for his addiction. Sharon’s kindness kills Jack. Nick assures Phyllis that he loves only her and that it will never happen again. At the coffeehouse, Kevin’s resentment towards Amber and her inheritance grows when he realizes there is another plumbing issue in the basement that needs to be fixed. Meanwhile, Daniel brings Amber to Sabrina’s old art gallery. Daniel suggests that she use it for her new clothing line. Later, Jana tries to persuade a frustrated Kevin that they can’t use Kay’s money to pay to have the plumbing fixed. Kay admits to Murphy that no matter how many times she says her name, Marge, it doesn’t feel right. Kay and Murphy bond as Kay starts to realize what a good man she has in front of her. Michael begins to plead his case during a hearing in Federal Court for River’s freedom. Later, just as Michael is losing his argument, Gloria arrives in the court. Jeff slips into court as Gloria is about to testify. Gloria explains to the court about the day of the bombing and Michael encourages her as the prosecutor starts to question her lies. Later, everyone is relieved when the judge rules to remand River into Michael’s custody until trial. At the pool house, Jeff rubs the face cream all over himself, intent on bringing Gloria down. ­