Episode 9077 - Thursday, February 5, 2009
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

­Michael brings the pawnbroker to meet with Kay and he claims he has never seen her before. Michael shows the pawnbroker the record of the receipt that Kevin and Amber stole from the shop. Meanwhile, Jana, Daniel, Kevin and Amber try to come up with other ways to prove Kay is who she says she is. They decide to focus on getting Kay’s dental records. Later, when all their legal attempts fail, Kevin and Amber move on to breaking and entering to get Kay’s records. As Amber and Kevin are outlining their plans to break into the office, Kay and Michael call to inform them that the pawnbroker admitted that he bought the ring and they have enough proof to order a DNA test.

Colleen informs J.T. that she is going to look for Brad herself but J.T. won’t let her go alone. Victoria informs Ashley and Abby that Brad was the one who saved Noah’s life. Meanwhile, J.T. and Colleen meet up with the search team and hear someone screaming on the lake. The kid stands on the ice as Brad’s face stares up at him from under the ice. J.T. breaks the news to Colleen that Brad is dead. Later, J.T. has to break the bad news to Victoria, Ashley and Abby. Colleen and Abby share in their grief while Victoria and Ashley remind themselves that the one thing Brad was, was a great father.

Jack explains to Phyllis that Brad was the one who pulled Noah out of the lake. As Nick and Sharon are being playful with one another, the Park Ranger arrives to give them the news that the roads are clear and they can head home. Later, Jack makes Phyllis admit that she pushed Brad to go to the cabin after Sharon. Phyllis gets a voicemail from Nick that he and Sharon are on their way home. Sharon and Nick’s hearts break as they are forced to leave the cabin. Later, Phyllis blames herself when she learns that Brad died saving Noah. When Nick returns to the tack house, Phyllis breaks the news to Nick that Brad died saving Noah and Nick immediately goes to be with Noah. Meanwhile, Sharon arrives at the hospital to see Noah but before she goes in, Jack reveals the news about Brad. Sharon collapses with the weight of her grief. Sharon is forced to admit to Noah the truth that Brad lost his life saving him. Noah is stunned as Nick arrives and takes Noah in his arms. The family holds each other tight as they all feel the enormity of what they have and what they have lost.