Episode 9153 - Tuesday, May 26, 2009
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

­Victor asks Adam for help convincing Ashley to see a professional about the episodes she has been having regarding Sabrina. Adam agrees to help, all the while continuing his crusade to destroy Victor. While trying to set up video surveillance equipment in Ashley and Victor’s bedroom, Ashley catches Adam trying to sneak out of the room. Adam covers by saying he came in to check on her. Later, Adam watches Ashley from his laptop as she has a nightmare about Sabrina.

Lily and Cane’s honeymoon continues to be all that they hoped for in tropical paradise. Lily surprises Cane with tickets to Australia to extend their honeymoon two weeks longer but Cane is weary about going home again. Meanwhile, Kay and Nina visit Phillip III’s gravesite together on the anniversary of his death. Later, Jill joins Kay and Nina at Phillip’s grave and all the women find some common ground. Cane explains to Lily that he doesn’t want to return to Australia because his life didn’t start until he found Jill, Kay and her. Meanwhile, Cane’s uncle Langley sits at work in an Australian bar.

Jack doesn’t say a word to Sharon about knowing she slept with Billy but when Billy comes up to the main house, Jack immediately confronts him. Later, Sharon and Chloe interrupt Jack and Billy’s fight and wonder what is going on. Meanwhile, Mac tells Raul that she will marry him. After another fight with Billy, Chloe finally realizes what she needs to do for herself and Delia. Later, Billy goes to talk to Mac and is hit over the head when he learns of her engagement to Raul. Billy is completely crushed when he returns home to find both Delia and Chloe have moved out. Meanwhile, Chloe shows up at the Chancellor estate announcing that she and Billy are splitting up and she is moving in.