Episode 9173 - Tuesday, June 23, 2009
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

­Victoria and JT have coffee and JT tries to express how concerned he was that Victoria did not listen to him and could have been more seriously hurt when she met with Aucker. Victoria begins to cry when she realizes that it is Sabrina and Victor’s anniversary. Dr. Taylor checks on Ashley and lies about the health of the baby. Victor leaves and Adam corners Dr. Taylor asking if he brought the stuff they discussed. Dr. Taylor gives Adam the botox injections and warns him it could do permanent damage to his eyes. Victoria and JT discuss how hurt Victoria is over how she treated Sabrina. Victor makes peace with Sabrina at the statue and finally says goodbye to her. Victor then orders the groundskeeper to remove the statue of Sabrina from the garden. Victoria takes the news that Sabrina’s statue has been removed and her portrait taken down very harshly. Meanwhile, upstairs Adam tries to inject himself with the botox in his eyes and he drops the vial, shattering it on the ground.

Michael, Kevin, Jana, Amber, Phyllis, and Daniel arrive at court for Daniel and Jana’s hearing. In the courtroom, Heather tries to show that Daniel could jump bail again based on when he was a teenager and he fled to California. Daniel is released on bail but the bail is set at a million dollars. The judge agrees with Heather that Jana could be dangerous and the Judge denies Jana bail. Nick and Sharon house hunt and quite possibly find the perfect dream home for their baby. They decide to call her Faith, the name that Nick dreamed of when he dreamt of Cassie. Phyllis interrupts Nick and Sharon’s discussion of the new house to ask if she can access their account to get Daniel bail. Daniel tries to figure out who would set him up. Meanwhile a dark figure is informed by Ryder that Daniel has got out on bail and Jana has been denied bail. The mystery figure throws his glass against the wall because of this news.