Episode 9371 - Wednesday, April 7, 2010
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

­Victoria stops by Billy’s and says as far as she is concerned last night never happened. Lily fears that she will die and Cane will be deported before their children are ever born. Lily and Cane drop the bomb on Mac that Lily’s cancer isn’t gone and that it is more aggressive than ever.

Lauren and Jana realize that they are trapped together. Michael and Kevin struggle to stay calm as they search for clues as to where their wives could be. Jana informs Lauren what Ryder and Daisy have been doing to her. Paul picks Nina up at the airport. Nina walks in on Chance and Chloe and she gets an eye full.

Billy learns Victoria doesn’t want to take a chance on their relationship because she may lose her son. Chloe refuses to let Nina’s jabs get to her after the night she spent with Chance. Billy reminds Victoria that if Adam is dead then they are each other’s alibis. Nina learns Chance proposed to Chloe.

Jana and Lauren, believing their alone, start comparing stories on Daisy and Ryder until they arrive and attack Jana. Lauren tries to get answers from Daisy and Ryder on what they did to Jana but she hears nothing. Michael and Kevin try to get Chance to put out an APB for Lauren.

Lily and Cane tape a message to their children. Mac admits to J.T. that she feels the urge to protect the babies. Victoria demands that Billy agree to keep their night together a secret but Billy thinks this is all a joke. As she is leaving the two collide in a passionate kiss.

Nina learns Chloe turned down Chance’s proposal. Daisy finally admits to Lauren that she is Ryder’s twin and Lauren realizes who their mom is â€" Sheila.