Episode 9374 - Monday, April 12, 2010
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

Nick learns Phyllis and Sharon got rid of his jacket and suspect him of killing Adam. Victor recounts for Owen how he broke his watch. Phyllis learns the blood got on Nick’s jacket when Nick tried to restrain Adam in the basement. Chance learns Nick’s jacket wasn’t at the cleaners. Victoria and Billy work on getting their stories straight. Chance serves J.T. with a search warrant at the ranch and is caught off guard when he learns that Victoria is a person of interest in Adam’s murder. Victoria and Billy come up with stories that make sure they were nowhere near each other at the time of Adam’s murder or the explosion. Sarah reveals herself to Lauren. Sarah pretends to be Lauren. Jana buys her act. The surveillance footage from night Sarah bailed Daisy and Ryder out of jail reveals “Lauren” was there. Lauren and Jana are reunited as Jana continues to look between the two “Lauren’s” standing in front of her. Victor warns Nick he told the D.A. that he was in the basement with Adam and Nick was never down there. A homeless man finds Nick’s jacket in the dumpster. Chance presents Billy with a search warrant. Victoria learns J.T. is taking Reed and moving off the ranch. Billy says was all-alone at the time of the explosion. Chance orders a forensics team to search Billy’s hotel room. Kevin finds an article on Sarah Smythe as a nurse in Green Bay who was cleared of killing her patients. Sarah admits to Lauren that she is Sheila’s sister.