Episode 9375 - Tuesday, April 13
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

Michael informs Gloria and Jeff that Lauren is missing. The information on Sarah arrives and Michael realizes that Sarah could look like Lauren. Amber searches Daisy’s things again at Michael and Lauren’s apartment. She finds the other half of the picture with Max. Kevin realizes that Daisy and Ryder must be twins since she is the same size as Ryder in the old photo. Sarah shows Lauren a photo of Sheila and Sarah “pre-surgery”. Jana and Lauren decide they need a code word to be able to know the difference between Lauren and Sarah. Lauren tries to convince Ryder that he can help them and would not go to jail. Sarah, posing as Lauren returns to Michael and Lauren’s apartment to the shock and surprise of Michael, Kevin, Daniel, and Amber. Neil and Malcolm get into a fight about the past and their turbulent relationship. Cane surprises Lily when Olivia arrives and discusses some options to fight the cancer with a now positive-minded Lily. Neil and Malcolm decide that they cannot fight around Lily and they need to attempt to work out their issues without harsh words. When they return to Cane’s house Olivia is shocked to see Malcolm. Olivia never saw Malcolm at the airport and Malcolm is cornered about how he found out about Lily’s condition.