Episode Guide

Season 49

Episode Guide


S49 E188
Jun 28, 2022
Victor reveals a new game plan, Lily encourages Billy to switch gears, and Adam and Sally celebrate a win.


S49 E187
Jun 27, 2022
Jack stands his ground with Phyllis, Tessa faces an unexpected issue, and Nick contemplates a change in scenery.


S49 E186
Jun 24, 2022
Victor derails Victoria's new venture, Phyllis extends an olive branch, and Diane seizes an opportunity with Jack.


S49 E185
Jun 23, 2022
Amanda learns disturbing news, while Michael points Diane in the right direction.


S49 E184
Jun 22, 2022
Victor rallies the Newmans to help Victoria, Chelsea revisits her past, and Lily makes an interesting discovery.


S49 E183
Jun 21, 2022
Kyle takes on a new challenge, Chelsea and Chloe share a difference of opinion, and Phyllis makes a bold move.


S49 E182
Jun 20, 2022
Nikki recruits Michael for a new project, Jill interrogates Billy, and Nate is distracted by Imani.


S49 E181
Jun 17, 2022
As The Young and the Restless celebrates the 40th anniversaries of Beth Maitland and Eileen Davidson, Traci and Ashley reminisce about their lives, loves and losses.


S49 E180
Jun 16, 2022
Victor works to undermine Victoria's relationship with Ashland, Adam and Sally seize an opportunity, and Kyle and Summer toast to their future.


S49 E179
Jun 15, 2022
Victor shares unexpected news with Adam, Nate travels outside his comfort zone, and Diane pushes Nikki's buttons.


S49 E178
Jun 14, 2022
Victor offers Lily and Devon words of wisdom, Jack keeps the peace and Jill returns home for the Chancellor-Winters merge party.


S49 E177
Jun 10, 2022
Victor and Nikki make a painful decision, Elena sizes up the competition, and Victoria stands her ground with Nick.


S49 E176
Jun 09, 2022
Victor makes a dangerous promise, Chelsea makes an unexpected ally, and Billy does damage control.


S49 E175
Jun 08, 2022
Victoria asserts her independence, Nick confides in Sharon, and Victor vows to protect his family at all costs.


S49 E174
Jun 07, 2022
Victor and Nikki receive shocking news, Diane empathizes with Ashland, and Summer and Kyle turn to Jack for guidance.


S49 E173
Jun 06, 2022
Victor forces Ashland out of town, Adam plots his revenge, and Diane drives a wedge between Jack and Phyllis.


S49 E172
Jun 03, 2022
Victor gives Ashland an ultimatum and Victoria asserts her independence.


S49 E171
Jun 02, 2022
Jack catches Phyllis off guard, Elena sends Imani a message, and Diane keeps up appearances.


S49 E170
Jun 01, 2022
Victor crosses enemy lines, Phyllis plays with fire, and Kyle faces an ethical dilemma.


S49 E169
May 31, 2022
Devon and Nate share a difference of opinion, Chance makes a promise, and Sharon and Nick reminisce about their past.


S49 E168
May 30, 2022
Victor recruits a new ally in his plot against AshlandSharon stands her ground. Phyllis and Jack strategize to keep Summer and Kyle in town.


S49 E167
May 27, 2022
Phyllis recruits Summer to take on Diane, Chelsea suffers a setback, and Jack protects Kyle's best interests.


S49 E166
May 26, 2022
Victor gives Diane a warning, Chance struggles with Devon and Abby's bond, and Billy lands in hot water with Lily.


S49 E165
May 25, 2022
Jack and Phyllis dissect their relationship, Diane pushes Nikki too far, and Victor shuts down Ashland's apology tour.


S49 E164
May 24, 2022
Billy makes a bold move, Amanda learns disturbing news, and Adam and Sally size up the competition


S49 E163
May 23, 2022
Victor discovers Ashland's Achilles heel, Summer and Chelsea talk shop, and Nikki's credibility is questioned.


S49 E162
May 20, 2022
Phyllis and Ashley discuss Diane's latest move, Chloe helps Esther start a new chapter, and Kyle faces a major decision.


S49 E161
May 19, 2022
Phyllis catches Jack off guard, and Noah turns on the charm.


S49 E160
May 18, 2022
Tessa and Mariah celebrate their love and a surprise guest crashes the wedding festivities.


S49 E159
May 17, 2022
Family and friends gather to attend Mariah and Tessa's wedding.


S49 E158
May 16, 2022
Tessa faces an unexpected crisis as she and Mariah prepare to walk down the aisle.


S49 E157
May 13, 2022
Victor gives Michael a dangerous assignment, Tessa's past catches up with her, and Nikki gives Ashland his marching orders.


S49 E156
May 12, 2022
Ashland attempts to make amends, Nick faces an ethical dilemma, and Nikki does damage control.


S49 E155
May 11, 2022
Phyllis witnesses a surprising encounter, Lauren shares her concerns with Michael about his new venture, and Chelsea struggles to find closure.


S49 E154
May 10, 2022
Nick and Sharon reconnect with Diane, Elena sees a new side of Nate, and Jack receives a surprise visitor.


S49 E153
May 09, 2022
Victor restores confidence at Newman, Vicky confronts Billy airing dirty laundry, and the Abbotts demand answers from Diane.


S49 E152
May 06, 2022
Billy celebrates a win, Adam considers cutting family ties, and an Abbott family meeting takes an unexpected turn.


S49 E151
May 05, 2022
Sharon turns to Nick for comfort. Tessa receives unexpected news, and Chloe worries about Chelsea's state of mind.


S49 E150
May 04, 2022
Jack is floored by Ashland's confession, Diane asks Kyle for a second chance, and Victor supports Nikki's new role.


S49 E149
May 03, 2022
Victor settles unfinished business with an adversary, Adam strategizes with Sally, and Lily gives Billy an ultimatum.


S49 E148
May 02, 2022
Victor shares words of wisdom with Abby and Chance, Phyllis points Jack in the right direction, and Kyle demands answers from Diane.


S49 E147
Apr 29, 2022
Victor vows to protect Nikki, Sally shares a secret with Adam, and Kyle reunites with Diane.


S49 E146
Apr 28, 2022
Ashland makes a promise to Victoria, Imani works overtime to charm Nate and Chance makes a shocking discovery.


S49 E145
Apr 27, 2022
Jack drops a bombshell, Phyllis busts Diane, and Chelsea is forced to defend herself.


S49 E144
Apr 26, 2022
Victor has a change of heart about Victoria, Diane wants to make amends with Nikki, and Kyle returns home to chaos.


S49 E143
Apr 25, 2022
Jack tells Nikki about Diane's return, Phyllis lays down the law, and Sharon makes a painful decision.


S49 E142
Apr 22, 2022
Victor gives Ashland his marching orders, Victoria struggles with her new normal, and Adam supports Chelsea.


S49 E141
Apr 21, 2022
Victor and Nikki are stunned by Ashland's actions, and Nick delivers shocking news.


S49 E140
Apr 20, 2022
Victor takes control to help Victoria, Sharon experiences déjà vu, and Sally catches Adam off guard.


S49 E139
Apr 19, 2022
Victoria forces Ashland to come clean, Nikki receives a distress call, and Chelsea and Sharon clear the air.