Episode Guide

Season 49

Episode Guide


S49 E84
Jan 27, 2022
Mariah turns the tables on Tessa, Chance struggles with his new normal, and Noah makes a confession.


S49 E83
Jan 26, 2022
Victor keeps Adam on his toes, Nikki gives a stern warning, and Devon embraces a new challenge.


S49 E82
Jan 25, 2022
Victor enlists Michael's help with a sensitive assignment, Victoria strikes back, and Phyllis receives a tempting offer.


S49 E81
Jan 24, 2022
Sharon notices a new side to Rey, Chloe loses patience with Chelsea and Sally, and Abby makes a painful decision.


S49 E80
Jan 21, 2022
Victor launches a plan of attack, Michael keeps Lauren in suspense, and Abby makes a big decision.


S49 E79
Jan 20, 2022
Tessa pulls out all the stops to impress Mariah, Abby turns to Christine for advice, and Noah sets the record straight with Nick.


S49 E78
Jan 19, 2022
Billy makes a deal with Adam, Chelsea plots against Sally, and Lily takes on a new venture.


S49 E77
Jan 18, 2022
Nikki catches Ashland in a compromising position, Mariah strategizes with Devon, and Phyllis receives a painful reminder from Nick.


S49 E76
Jan 17, 2022
Victor recruits Michael to help protect the Newman legacy, Devon shares his concerns about Chance, and Adam questions Victoria's motives.


S49 E75
Jan 14, 2022
Adam gives Chelsea upsetting news, Abby encourages Chance to seek help, and Amanda strategizes with Devon.


S49 E74
Jan 13, 2022
Victor and Nikki navigate a family feud, Chelsea pushes Sally's buttons, and Ashland is skeptical of Billy's change of heart.


S49 E73
Jan 12, 2022
Victor considers Victoria's business proposal, Sally gives Adam an intriguing invitation, and Lily stands her ground with Ashland.


S49 E72
Jan 11, 2022
Abby worries about Chance's adjustment to fatherhood, Amanda supports Devon, and Sharon enlists help to surprise Nick.


S49 E71
Jan 10, 2022
Michael reflects on his life and career as Christian Le Blanc celebrates 30 years on The Young and the Restless.


S49 E70
Jan 07, 2022
Traci points Billy in the right direction, Amanda counsels Phyllis, and Nate and Elena face a conflict of interest.


S49 E69
Jan 06, 2022
Devon stands his ground, Ashland questions Victoria's motives, and Billy turns the tables on Adam.


S49 E68
Jan 05, 2022
Abby catches Devon off guard, Nick encourages Noah to explore a new opportunity, and Chance enlists Rey's help.


S49 E67
Jan 04, 2022
Lily and Victoria share a difference of opinion, Chloe gives Adam a warning, and Chelsea sets a trap for Sally.


S49 E66
Jan 03, 2022
Chelsea catches Adam and Sally in a compromising position, Sharon and Rey reflect on the past year, and Chance comes clean with Abby.


S49 E65
Dec 30, 2021
Chelsea makes a confession to Adam, Elena looks forward to a fresh start, and Kevin and Chloe make a New Year's resolution.


S49 E64
Dec 29, 2021
Victor and Nikki receive unexpected news from Ashland, Billy and Lily make a dangerous deal, and Mariah and Tessa share news with Sharon.


S49 E63
Dec 28, 2021
Devon surprises Abby and Chance, Lauren takes matters into her own hands, and Victoria calls Billy's bluff.


S49 E62
Dec 27, 2021
Adam and Chance settle unfinished business, Chelsea sends a message to Sally, and Nate helps Devon with a tough decision.


S49 E61
Dec 24, 2021
Nick's family and friends help him make a list and check it twice.


S49 E60
Dec 23, 2021
Nikki and Victor are reminded of the true meaning of Christmas, while Billy and Lily get into the holiday spirit.


S49 E59
Dec 22, 2021
Chance notices Devon's bond with Dominic, Mariah and Tessa plan their future, and Jack and Traci spread some holiday cheer.


S49 E58
Dec 21, 2021
Victor gives Sally the third degree, Billy visits old habits, and Chelsea and Adam call a truce for Christmas.


S49 E57
Dec 20, 2021
Victor and Adam plot their next move against Billy, Elena and Nate take a big step, and Phyllis extends an invitation to Nick.


S49 E56
Dec 17, 2021
Chelsea and Sally size up the competition, while Billy provides Lily with a much-needed distraction.


S49 E55
Dec 16, 2021
Chelsea corners Adam about the status of their relationship, Tessa has a change of heart, and Sally covers her tracks.


S49 E54
Dec 15, 2021
Victor receives ammunition against an opponent, Christine shares surprising news with Chance and Ashland meets Billy's dark side.


S49 E53
Dec 14, 2021
Victor and Adam take advantage of Billy's downfall, Chloe and Lily share common ground, and Chelsea returns home to Genoa City.


S49 E52
Dec 13, 2021
Nikki urges Victor and Nick to make amends, Amanda cooks up a surprise for Devon, and Noah considers a new opportunity.


S49 E51
Dec 10, 2021
Nick and Phyllis discuss their regrets, Chance adjusts to civilian life, and Devon opens up to Amanda about Dominic.


S49 E50
Dec 09, 2021
Victor challenges Adam and Victoria, Tessa and Noah take on a new project, and Lily keeps up appearances with Victoria.


S49 E49
Dec 08, 2021
Jack and Phyllis agree to a fresh start, Adam enlists Sally's help, and Billy makes a promise to Lily.


S49 E48
Dec 07, 2021
Victor and Ashley agree on a new game plan, Change struggles being the center of attention, and Nick struggles with feeling like an outsider with his family.


S49 E47
Dec 06, 2021
Victor cautions Victoria about protecting Billy, Nick wants to clear the air with Ashland, and Nikki pulls out all the stops for Chance's homecoming.


S49 E46
Dec 03, 2021
Victor puts the pressure on his adversaries, Jill starts a bidding war, and Lily takes on a new role.


S49 E45
Dec 02, 2021
Devon and Amanda toasts to new beginnings, Mariah questions Noah about his return to Genoa City, and Adam pushes Billy's buttons.


S49 E44
Dec 01, 2021
Victor takes the gloves off with Billy, Jill shares an intriguing offer with Lily, and Ashley calls home with unexpected news.


S49 E43
Nov 30, 2021
Abby's world is turned upside down, Jill returns home to clean up Billy's latest mess, and Victor and Nikki receive shocking news.


S49 E42
Nov 29, 2021
Victor leaves no stone unturned to find Abby, while Ashley and Jack hit a dead end in Spain and Amanda celebrates a win.


S49 E41
Nov 24, 2021
Phyllis receives a wake-up call.


S49 E40
Nov 23, 2021
Victoria and Ashland make a power move. Devon turns to Elena for help and Lily makes a distress call.


S49 E39
Nov 22, 2021
Victoria and Ashley find themselves at odds. Noah opens up about his past and Jack surprises Phyllis.


S49 E38
Nov 19, 2021
Victor and Devon work together to find Abby, Billy makes a dangerous bet, and Ashland gives Lily unsolicited advice.


S49 E37
Nov 18, 2021
Nikki helps Devon adjust to a new role, Abby makes a distress call, and Victor enjoys Billy's defeat.


S49 E36
Nov 17, 2021
Jack and Phyllis share an intense moment, Tessa turns to Noah for help, and Ashley shares unexpected news.


S49 E35
Nov 16, 2021
Victor reveals his latest maneuver against Chance Comm., Adam pushes Rey's buttons, and Billy and Lily get a harsh reality check.