Episode Guide

Season 50

Episode Guide


S50 E254
Sep 29, 2023
Billy is forced to defend himself, Audra reveals a secret, and Phyllis stands her ground with Jack.


S50 E253
Sep 28, 2023
Phyllis is surprised by an old friend, Tucker retaliates against Jack, and Diane makes a shocking discovery.


S50 E252
Sep 27, 2023
Victor surprises Adam with a new assignment, Mamie interrogates Nate, and Victoria tries to strike a deal with Nick.


S50 E251
Sep 26, 2023
Victor gives Victoria a stern warning, Devon and Lily seek answers from Jill, Mamie surprises the Abbotts, and Nikki makes a tough decision.


S50 E250
Sep 25, 2023
Adam pleads his case to Sally, Phyllis crosses the line, and Jack is suspicious of Billy’s motives.


S50 E249
Sep 22, 2023
Jack interrogates Phyllis, Tucker reveals a dangerous plan, and Audra gives Kyle a reality check.


S50 E248
Sep 21, 2023
Victor loses patience with Victoria’s insubordination, Nikki forces Audra to make a tough decision, and Lily presents Devon with a mystery.


S50 E247
Sep 20, 2023
Victor delivers unsettling news to Lily, Billy goes rogue, and Kyle and Summer call a truce.


S50 E246
Sep 19, 2023
Jack gives Tucker unsolicited advice, Tessa returns home, and Phyllis is backed into a corner.


S50 E245
Sep 18, 2023
Victor sends a powerful message when his iconic portrait returns to his office, Adam gives into temptation, and Nikki does damage control.


S50 E244
Sep 15, 2023
Ashley makes a distress call, Tucker confides in Devon and Audra changes the rules of the game with Kyle.


S50 E243
Sep 14, 2023
Jack calls a family meeting, Lily confronts Daniel about Heather, and Tucker makes a deal with Audra.


S50 E242
Sep 13, 2023
Victor informs Victoria about her new role at Newman, Nikki threatens Adam, and Sharon notices a connection between Chance and Summer.


S50 E241
Sep 12, 2023
Jack and Diane set a wedding date, Ashley and Tucker’s honeymoon takes an interesting turn, Phyllis interferers into Summer and Daniel’s personal lives.


S50 E240
Sep 11, 2023
Victor gives Adam a wakeup call, Nikki keeps Nate on his toes, Sally is bothered by Sharon and Nick’s bond.


S50 E239
Sep 08, 2023
Victor comes to Sharon’s rescue, Jack and Diane worry about Kyle, and Nick receives an intriguing offer.


S50 E238
Sep 07, 2023
Nikki summons Kyle to a meeting, Billy loses his cool, and Nate gives Audra unsolicited advice.


S50 E237
Sep 06, 2023
Victor teaches Victoria a painful lesson, Adam keeps up appearances with Sharon, and Nikki makes a new enemy.


S50 E236
Sep 05, 2023
Phyllis interferes in Daniel’s love life, Lily reconnects with Billy, and Devon helps Mariah makes an unexpected move.


S50 E235
Sep 01, 2023
Nikki gives Audra a risky assignment, Jack and Ashley call a truce, and Billy pushes Adam’s buttons.


S50 E234
Aug 31, 2023
Victor makes a game changing decision at Newman Enterprises, while Adam prepares for revenge.


S50 E233
Aug 30, 2023
Victor loses patience with the Newman siblings, Sharon makes a tough decision, and Nate fights for his place at Newman.


S50 E232
Aug 29, 2023
Tucker causes tension between Jack and Billy, Mariah and Tessa receive news about Aria, and Ashley sees a new side to Diane.


S50 E231
Aug 28, 2023
Victor plays his cards close to the vest, Nick and Sharon consider going rogue, and Sally sets boundaries with Adam.


S50 E230
Aug 25, 2023
Victor and Nikki share a difference of opinion, Nick and Sharon struggle working with Adam, and Elena moves on from Nate.


S50 E229
Aug 24, 2023
Victor reveals a new game plan, Victoria gives Ashley the third degree; Jack and Billy plot their next move against Tucker.


S50 E228
Aug 23, 2023
Nick and Sally discuss their future as a couple, Mariah and Tessa are challenged as parents, Summer and Kyle reach a decision about their marriage.


S50 E227
Aug 22, 2023
Victor gives Nick and Adam an ultimatum, Audra compares notes with Kyle, and Victoria tests Nate.


S50 E226
Aug 21, 2023
Chelsea and Adam make a tough decision, Daniel and Heather discuss their past, and Chance considers a career change.


S50 E225
Aug 18, 2023
Ashley and Tucker plan their future, Chelsea’s parenting skills are tested, and Diane proves herself to Jack.


S50 E224
Aug 17, 2023
Victor delivers bad news to Sally, Nick and Sharon make an important decision, and Victoria shares a warm moment with Billy.


S50 E223
Aug 16, 2023
Victor changes his tactics with Adam, Nick finds Sally in a compromising position, and Audra sees a new side to Kyle.


S50 E222
Aug 15, 2023
Victor uncovers a corporate scandal, Victoria forces Nate to come clean, and Jack gives Ashley and Tucker an unusual wedding gift.


S50 E221
Aug 14, 2023
Victor and Nikki strategize about their latest mergers and acquisitions while Ashley and Tucker walk down the aisle.


S50 E220
Aug 11, 2023
Nikki calls Nate’s bluff, Sharon gives Adam a warning, and Daniel stands his ground.


S50 E219
Aug 10, 2023
Jack and Ashley call a truce, Diane questions Audra about her intentions, and Billy takes on a new role.


S50 E218
Aug 09, 2023
Phyllis pays the price for her crimes, Chance helps Summer look forward to a fresh start, and Christine makes an impulsive decision.


S50 E217
Aug 08, 2023
Phyllis stops at nothing to protect Summer, Abby targets Diane, and Audra turns to Nate for guidance.


S50 E216
Aug 07, 2023
Victoria examines her relationship with Nate, Tucker and Audra discuss a secret from their past, and Heather tries to undermine Christine.


S50 E215
Aug 04, 2023
Ashley reveals a new game plan, Adam agrees to play nice, and Daniel stands his ground with Phyllis.


S50 E214
Aug 03, 2023
Nikki calls Nate’s bluff, Sally struggles with her feelings, and Phyllis makes a promise to Christine.


S50 E213
Aug 02, 2023
Jack and Diane worry about Kyle, Sharon interrupts a moment between Summer and Chance, and Ashley puts Billy in a tough position.


S50 E212
Aug 01, 2023
Adam makes a deal with Phyllis, Abby refuses to help Ashley, and Lily pulls out all the stops to impress Daniel.


S50 E211
Jul 31, 2023
Phyllis works to rebuild her image, Tessa helps Mariah with an important decision, and Nick puts Adam on notice.


S50 E210
Jul 28, 2023
Victor teaches Adam a painful lesson, Diane’s dreams come true and Billy’s loyalty is tested.


S50 E209
Jul 27, 2023
Phyllis reunites with Jack, Billy takes on a new role, and Summer warns Kyle about Audra.


S50 E208
Jul 26, 2023
Jill seeks counsel from Victor, Billy and Nate share a difference of opinion, and Audra works to impress Nick.


S50 E207
Jul 25, 2023
Victor approaches Sally with a new opportunity, Chance is suspicious of Adam, and Jack encounters someone from his past.


S50 E206
Jul 24, 2023
Jack encourages Diane to play dirty, Ashley and Tucker hear wedding bells, and Phyllis’ freedom hits a road block.


S50 E205
Jul 21, 2023
Victor challenges Nick and Adam, Summer confronts Audra, and Chelsea takes on a new challenge.