Episode 9767 - Thursday, October 27, 2011
Posted on Oct 27, 2011 03:21pm

­Avery informs Sharon that Heather was very convincing in court, but Avery has a final card to play. Sharon reveals to Nick that hope may be lost. Avery lays it on the line, but Adam rejects her plea. Heather gets a call from Chance. Chance reveals that he called her to get closure. Distraught, Heather goes to a bar, where Adam approaches her. Nick’s plea causes an emotional Avery to go into his arms. Delia and Billy recover. Victor suggests Victoria sign the divorce papers now. Billy and Kevin say their good-byes. Victor arrives to take Billy to the airport. Billy stands off with Victor stating that he will see Victoria and there's nothing Victor can do about it. Victor gives Billy an ultimatum. Victoria signs the divorce papers. Chloe proposes to Kevin. Chance invites Ronan to come with him to Nina’s home for dinner, but Ronan refuses. Chance begins grilling Ronan about why he came to Genoa City and why he left town after the liver transplant. An argument breaks out between the two brothers.