Episode 9793 - Tuesday, December 6, 2011
Posted on Dec 6, 2011 04:00pm

­Nick informs Sharon that he will share visitation of Faith with her under one condition: she has to stay away from Adam. Sharon agrees to his terms, but Nick fears that she won’t be able to do it. At the Newman Ranch, Adam threatens Nikki to help him get Nick to step down. Later, Nikki informs Nick about the threat and Nick promises he’ll take care of it. Meanwhile, Adam finds Sharon and reminds her about the last time they were together in a storm. He tries to kiss her, but she runs away. Kevin is uneasy about Daniel taking Eden out on a date. Noah and Eden exchange awkward goodbyes when he informs her that he’s leaving for New York. Cane and Lily arrive at the theater to watch a French film. Awkwardness ensues when they run into Daniel and Eden, who are there to see the same movie. Back at Daniel’s apartment, Daniel and Eden have sex. Jill and Gloria sit together at the GCAC bar, comparing notes about their horrible exes. They realize that both are attracted to “bad boys” as they continue to drink. Devon tries to convince Angelo to get his daughter another singing teacher, but Angelo refuses to listen. Angelina gets a text from Carmine, her ex-boyfriend. Angelo grabs her phone and breaks it, causing Angelina to throw a tantrum. Later, Devon manages to convince Angelina to listen to the playback of her song. She’s horrified to realize how terrible she sounds, but Devon promises he can help her improve. Meanwhile, Jeffrey is alone on a desert island. He begins talking to Squishy, a football that sits next to him.