Episode 9811 - Friday, December 30, 2011
Posted on Dec 30, 2011 04:00pm

­Cane is stunned when Genevieve informs him that she’s engaged to Jack. He thinks that she’s rushing into things after her history with Colin. Later, Genevieve offers Jack support about his plan to gain control of Beauty of Nature from Adam. Lily agrees to babysit the twins and Moses while Neil and Sofia go on a date. Later, Cane asks Neil to babysit Charlie and Mattie so he can take Lily out, but Neil politely declines. However, Sofia says they’ll do it. Neil is moved by Sofia’s sacrifice and gives her a sweet kiss. Kay runs into Tucker at Gloworm, where he shoots down her invitation to join her for New Year’s Eve. Meanwhile, Harmony arrives at the recording and asks Devon to give Kay a second chance, but Devon insists she lied to him. Later, Harmony and Tucker agree that they want to make amends with Devon. Meanwhile, Kay is surprised when Devon arrives on her doorstep. He thanks Kay for bringing Ana to town, but admits that Harmony encouraged him to come. Jack chats with Nick at the coffeehouse about family issues, stating that he thinks Sharon is finally over Adam, but he’s worried she’ll go back to him. Meanwhile, Sharon and Adam wake up in bed together. They reminisce about everything they’ve been through together. Sharon sadly insists that they have to part ways. Billy and Victoria are enjoying their honeymoon on the beach in Jamaica. A couple, Sebastian and Renee ask when Billy and Victoria are going to have a baby, and Billy gives a vague reply. Back at the hotel, Victoria learns that a birth mother wants to meet with them.