Episode 9832 - Monday, January 30, 2012
Posted on Jan 30, 2012 03:04pm

­Victor gives Sharon the annulment papers and advises her that he won’t condone her joint custody of Faith if she continues to see Adam. Jack expresses to Billy how happy he is to be marrying Genevieve today. Jack is shocked when Nikki states that Genevieve bought Beauty of Nature. Meanwhile, Cane confronts Genevieve about owning FMN. When Cane refuses to attend the wedding she kicks him out. Adam finds Myrna/Patty in the Newman potting shed, where she’s holding a gun. Myrna/Patty suddenly throws a liquid into Adam’s face and runs out. Sharon is shocked to find Adam unconscious and bleeding. Later, Adam panics when he is unable to see. Ronan and Paul question Deacon about who he saw in the park on the night of Diane’s murder. Paul shows him a photo of Patty and Deacon confirms she’s the woman he saw. Paul and Ronan immediately rush to the church. At the coffeehouse, Tucker greets Emily, who is surprised when Tucker says he saw her earlier. Emily is horrified to realize Patty must be in town. Meanwhile, Genevieve writes a letter to Jack confessing that she owns Beauty of Nature and that she’s leaving town. At the church, Myrna/Patty intercepts the messenger, knocks him out, and takes Genevieve’s message. Myrna/Patty enters the church, dressed in Genevieve’s wedding dress and begins walking down the aisle toward Jack. Jack lifts the veil and is shocked to see “Emily’s” face. She angrily announces she’s Patty and fires her gun.