Episode 9846 - Friday, February 17, 2012
Posted on Feb 17, 2012 03:00pm

­Billy and Victoria agree that they have to keep Anita out of the baby’s life. Meanwhile, Anita informs Chelsea that Billy has agreed to pay her off and thinks it will be easy to get more money from him. Alone, Chelsea talks to her unborn baby, saying that she thinks the baby’s father is turning out to be great. Nikki holds Anita’s earring in her hand as she leaves a terse voicemail for Victor to call her. She stops by Billy and Victoria’s house and offers to take Anita to lunch. At Gloworm, Nikki shows Anita the earring she found in her home. Anita denies it’s hers, so Nikki dumps out her purse and finds the matching earring. In Paris, Genevieve is meeting with a French executive about taking over Beauty of Nature. Victor arrives and suggests they get down to business. Later, Nikki angrily confronts Victor for lying to her about Anita. Victor insists they can talk about the situation later. He returns to Genevieve and asks if she wants to join him for dinner in his hotel suite. Meanwhile, Phyllis visits Jack at the hospital and he reveals that he’s going to file a legal challenge against Genevieve’s purchase of Beauty of Nature. Nick arrives at the airport in Kansas with Faith, where Sharon is waiting. Sharon informs Nick that she’s thinking of returning to Genoa City, but is torn, since she doesn’t want to leave Adam. Meanwhile, Adam makes an emotional visit to Hope’s grave. Later, Sharon returns and embraces Adam as he cries.