Famous Love: Melody Thomas Scott Sizzles
Posted on Mar 28, 2013 07:30pm

Back in 1978, Nikki Reed was a wild teenager, who contracted gonorrhea from former wild man Paul Williams. Next she met up with Scott Adams, who dared her to tame her wild ways. Game to win that bet, Nikki stayed on the straight and narrow for a short time, only to sleep with her English professor to salvage her grade. Then she fell in love with Greg Foster, and they quickly married. Greg didn't really appreciate her budding lingerie modeling career. Unbeknownst to her young husband, Nikki had gotten involved with a couple who wanted to exploit the young beauty. Rose DeVille and Vince Holliday ran the modeling agency with a sleazy underside. When she ended up in a hotel room with businessman Walter Addison, Nikki realized he wasn't going to help her career as a model. While she struggled from his advances, he died of a heart attack. When Greg found out the extent of her involvement in the whole sordid affair, he walked away from their marriage.

After recovering from a terrible car accident, Nikki ran off and joined a commune. Paul joined her, but the commune turned out to be a scam. Paul ended up with April Stevens while Nikki had to face a life alone. She later became a stripper at the Bayou where she met the man who would change her life forever-- Victor Newman. Victor Newman quickly fell for the blonde blaze and took her home to teach her the art of being a lady. Despite lavishing gifts on Nikki and sharing romantic nights filled with music, Victor only succumbed to his passion once. He turned his attention to finding her a wealthy beau. Once she was married to Kevin Bancroft, Nikki found out she was pregnant with Victoria, who was Victor's child. Victor had moved on to Lorie Brooks. Kevin's mother, Allison, pressured the new mom, only to send Nikki back to work at the Bayou. Bancroft filed for divorce, and his mom faked a porn video featuring Nikki to get custody of little Victoria. When mobster Tony DiSalvo showed up with the tape, Nikki didn't know what to do. She decided that if she married Tony that she could demand the tape as a wedding gift and gain control of the situation. After the ceremony, Tony went downstairs to get the tape and was confronted by Paul and his friend Andy. Tony pulled out a gun and was about to shoot when a young hooker (Cindy, who happened to be in love with Paul) barged in and took a bullet meant for Paul. Paul and Andy's friend Jazz snuck up behind Tony and shot him dead.

Victor found out that, despite having had a vasectomy, he was the father of Nikki's child, but he refused to tell her. Nikki hooked up with Rick Daros, not knowing that he was responsible for the drowning death of his wife, Melissa, and was planning a repeat performance with Nikki. Once again, the men in Nikki's life, Paul, Andy and Victor, were hot on their tail, trying to save everyone's favorite fetching blonde. In St. Croix, where Rick had planned to execute the dastardly deed, he tied Nikki up and told her the truth about her daughter's paternity while preparing to kill her in the surf. Paul, Andy and Victor arrived in the nick of time and plucked her from the water, but not before Rick shot Victor with a spear gun. Daros disappeared in the ocean, and Nikki kept vigil by Victor's side while he recovered from his injury. Victor finally proposed to the love of his life, and they were married.

Victor and Nikki's romance has been a rocky one from the start. Not too long after their marriage, Jack Abbott became attracted to Nikki, and Victor started to have feelings for Jack's sister, Ashley, setting up the two couples for future relationships that would grow on many levels over the years. Ashley grew to love Victor when he found and rescued her from rape by a lecherous truck driver, while a lonely Nikki grew closer to Jack. Victor loved his lovely bride but could not get Ashley out of his head, and Nikki noticed. Nikki found out that she had a fatal disease which sent Victor racing to her side, and Ashley to an abortion clinic (she was pregnant with Victor's child). Eventually, Nikki went into remission, and Victor was free to be with Ashley. But Ashley had moved on to Dr. Steven Lassiter, and Victor moved on to Leanna Love, who secretly penned a scathing expose on the wealthy businessman. Even though Victor had married the scheming blonde vixen Leanna, he promptly threw her out when he found out she was behind the biography and went after Jack when he found out that Jack was instrumental in getting the book published. Nikki was pregnant with Nicholas and had hoped to resume her marriage to Victor. Later, Nikki moved on to Jim Grainger to make her true love (Victor) jealous. Jack, not one to back down from a chance to compete against Victor, began wooing Nikki in earnest. They were married, until Nikki found out that she was a pawn in Victor and Jack's power struggle. Nikki found out that she was pregnant with Jack's baby soon after, but miscarried after a riding accident. Jack and Nikki were devastated over what might have been and while Nikki recovered from terrible back pain caused by the accident, Victor married Ashley. Nikki began a downward spiral of booze and pills thanks to her injuries. Jack sent her to rehab. She returned to Genoa City and resumed her addiction and it was Victor and Jack that confronted her about getting her life on track. Ashley, realizing that the Jack and Victor feud was never-ending and Nikki would always hold Victor's heart, filed for divorce. Nikki gave birth to still-born baby boy (Jack's baby) after struggling with Victor in a squabble about Victoria. Later, when Jack found out Victor's role in the loss of their child, he ordered Nikki out of his life.

Victor, feeling displaced by the women in his life, left town. A mugger in Kansas took his wallet and car keys and took off in Victor's Rolls Royce. Authorities found the car burning by the side of the road with Victor's ID and reported the death to the family, but Victor was at a nearby farmhouse growing closer to the beautiful blind lady that occupied it-- Hope. As everyone in Genoa City struggled with his loss, Victor began a brand new life. Nikki turned to young writer Cole Howard for solace, but he fell in love with her daughter Victoria. Victor planned a huge reveal to family, friends and competitors by returning to Genoa City for a private party he had planned at the Colonnade and announced his return from the "dead." Victor and Hope were married and settled down to live in Genoa City. Hope soon became pregnant and gave birth to Victor Jr. but after realizing that Victor's other family would always be vying for his attention and that they shared different views on how the child would be raised, Hope divorced Victor and went back to Kansas. Later, Victor encouraged contractor Jed Sanders to spend time with his ex-wife, Nikki, but she sent him packing when he and Jill Abbott became lovers.

Tired of waiting for Victor, Nikki hooked up with former gardener-turned-businessman, Brad Carlton. On the day of Brad and Nikki's nuptials, Victor was shot! Nikki rushed to her ex's side, and Brad realized their wedding would never happen. Victor recovered and went on a trip to Kansas to renew his sagging spirit. Nikki mistakenly believed that he was returning to Hope's arms and immediately jumped into a marriage to Dr. Joshua Landers. Victor never had the chance to tell Nikki that she would always be the only one for him. Victor returned to Genoa City and ended up marrying schemer Diane Jenkins. Meanwhile, Josh's presumed dead wife Veronica revealed herself to him and then killed him and shot Nikki four times. Nikki survived and Victor divorced his new bride to be with his true love. They remarried, but it was invalid because he was still technically married to Diane. Before they could plan an official ceremony, Nikki became insecure with Victor's affections because of their history which prompted her into an affair with Brad and Victor into a relationship with Latin beauty Ramona Caceres. After a LOT of water under the bridge, the two star-struck lovers tied the knot officially in 2002.

In the last few years, Victor and Nikki have faced many hardships. Victor was arrested for bribery. Victor found out that Ashley's little girl Abby was really his child, thanks to a sperm donation he made while married to Diane. Nikki recalled some painful memories from childhood that left her reeling with the realization that she had accidently shot a playmate when she was five. The couple was devastated by the death of their granddaughter, Cassie. Their son Nick went through a painful divorce. Victoria married Nikki's ex, Brad Carlton. Victor was diagnosed with epilepsy. Nick married his one-time mistress, Phyllis Summers, and they had a baby girl. Oh, and they found out that Jack took advantage of Victor when he was suffering through his epilepsy! Nick's ex, Sharon, had an affair with Victoria's husband. Nick's plane went down during a business trip and left the whole family reeling. Now, Victor is out of town searching for his missing son, Victor Jr., and Nikki is running for office against old flame and current foe, Jack. Throw in a growing attraction to her current campaign manager, David Chow, and you have a good picture of Nikki Newman's universe!

Melody Thomas Scott has portrayed Nikki Reed Newman since she landed in Genoa City and has made fans laugh, cry, scream and cheer for her.