Famous Love: Spring Fever
Posted on Apr 3, 2013 06:50pm

Spring is here and love is blossoming all over Genoa City! One resident, Paul Williams, has cozied up with Detective Maggie Sullivan, but his love life hasn't been too rosy. Let's take a look back at his checkered past.

Paul Williams (Doug Davidson) blew into Genoa City in 1978. He was a promiscuous cad that gave an equally promiscuous Nikki Reed gonorrhea, before she tried to clean up her act. Despite this rocky beginning, Paul and Nikki have remained friends and, later, he helped rescue her from the New World Commune. Paul moved on to April Stevens, but when she became pregnant, he made it clear he had no interest in April or her baby. Eventually, Paul tried to do the right thing when his daughter Heather became ill. He married April, giving the girl his name. But, Paul and April knew it wouldn't work out and went their separate ways when Heather's health improved.

Paul wanted to turn his life around and joined the Police Department. His father, Carl, was a cop, and Paul quickly went undercover to bring down a department corruption that had framed his father. During his undercover work, Paul fell in love with a prostitute named Cindy Lake. Gangster Tony DiSalvo was about to shoot Paul when Cindy jumped out of nowhere and took the bullet meant for Paul. The hooker with a heart of gold died in his arms. Paul left the police force with his best friend Andy Richards, and formed their own detective agency.

After a string of dates with "good, wholesome girls" set up by his mother, Mary, Paul hooked up with the fiery and fun Lauren Fenmore, daughter of department store mogul, Neil Fenmore. They married, much to Mary Williams' dismay. Happiness was short-lived as Lauren's bid for superstardom and an obsessive fan (Shawn Garrett) drove a wedge between the happy couple. Shawn kidnapped a pregnant Lauren and buried her alive next to his dead mother, but Paul, Andy and their partner Jazz found and saved Lauren, who later miscarried. Paul and Lauren reconciled, only to be torn apart again by Lauren's poor judgment when she entered a nude picture of Paul into an Outstanding Professional Male centerfold contest. He won and had to resign from the mayor's Commission on Pornography.

Never giving up on the possibility of love, Paul fell in love with Cassandra Rawlins, only to find that she was married. Her wealthy husband George tried to frame Paul for his "murder", but Victor Newman and Carl Williams helped Paul fake his own suicide to find out who the real culprit was. It turned out that Cassandra had another lover, Adrian, who really killed George. Paul returned to his detective work in earnest, working with his good friend Danny Romalotti's ex-wife, Christine "Cricket" Blair, a hot-shot lawyer. The two friends fell in love while in Vietnam, searching for Jack Abbott's long-lost son, Keemo. Paul and Chris' road to the altar was a rocky one. First, on their wedding day, Phyllis Romalotti ran them down with her car, leaving Paul impotent and postponing the nuptials. Paul recovered. Then, Christine battled her feelings for her ex, Danny Romalotti, and Paul caught them in bed together. Eventually, Paul and Christine were married.

Scheming vixen Isabella Brana arrived in town and seduced Paul, and Christine walked in. Paul and Chris divorced. Isabella became pregnant with his child but tried to convince him the child was really Michael Baldwin's. Eventually, Paul found out the truth. He moved in with Isabella, and they married. But, his lingering feelings for Christine sabotaged the already-troubled union. Isabella was not pleased and staged her own "murder", trying to frame Christine. Back-from-the-dead Isabella drugged Chris the night before Chris was to be arrested and planned to kill her before Paul arrived in the nick of time. The crazy Isabella was sent to a mental hospital.

Surprisingly, Paul stays friends with most of his exes. Paul and Chris remain forever friends and still work together from time to time. Paul briefly dated Ashley Abbott but broke it off when he knew that they would always be more friends than lovers. Ex-wife Lauren ended up marrying Paul's nemesis, Michael Baldwin, but they still share an enduring friendship. Paul and Michael recently teamed up to keep the crazy Sheila Carter from harming Lauren and Phyllis Summers. Lauren shot and killed Sheila but not before Sheila knocked Paul out and shot his latest love interest, Maggie Sullivan, in the stomach. Paul Williams hasn't been that lucky in the love department. Here's hoping that a little "spring fever" and a cop named Maggie can jumpstart his heart and revive his love life!