Famous Love: Ashley and Victor

Posted on Mar 28, 2013 | 03:30pm

Ashley Abbott first came into contact with Victor Newman while working at Jabot Cosmetics, where she created new fragrances for perfumes and colognes. While employed at Jabot, Ashley discovered that John Abbott was not her real father. Instead, she was the product of an adulterous relationship between her mother, Dina Mergeron, and Brent Davis. Devastated by this shocking news, Ashley's mental health began to spiral out of control. Anxious to get far away from her life in Genoa City, the unstable Ashley took a job at a roadside dinner and called herself "Annie."

While on shift, an opportunistic truck driver recognized Ashley Abbott and kidnapped her for ransom. Taking matters into his capable hands, Victor Newman ran to her aid and rescued her from her assailant. Emotionally unfit to return to her home, Ashley stayed at the Newman ranch where Victor watched over her. Aware of her husband's tendencies, Nikki was uncomfortable with the young Ashley Abbott living in their home. Despite Nikki's intervention, Ashley and Victor fell in love. Eventually Victor would divorce Nikki and marry Ashley.

When Nikki was inflicted with a terminal illness, Victor reconciled with his dying wife. Victor, however, didn't know that Ashley was pregnant with his child. Ashley, fearful of loosing Victor and becoming an unwed mother, aborted her baby. Victor was furious when he learned of her actions and ended their relationship. As a result, Ashley suffered a nervous breakdown in New York City. Hysterical and without identification, she was committed to a mental institution and placed under the care of Dr. Steven Lassiter.

Victor soon learned of Nikki's plot to keep him by her side and quickly filed for a divorce. He still had feelings for Ashley and hoped he could still reconcile with her. Meanwhile, Ashley had fallen in love Dr. Lassiter and planned to marry him. Victor tried to reach Ashley to warn her that their affair was about to be exposed in Leanna Love's book, "Ruthless: The Victor Newman Story." He was too late and Ashley ended up marrying Steven Lassiter, who later passed away. Although not romantically involved, Victor and Ashley have remained in contact and will always share a special friendship. Most recently, Ashley has returned to Genoa City. It is unclear whether or not she will get back together with Victor but the possibility is always there.