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Is Chelsea Really Done With Adam On Y&R?

A Y&R recap.
Posted on Jul 28, 2015 | 08:40am
Chelsea's had enough.

Upon arriving home, Chelsea's mother notifies her that Connor is upstairs with "Gabe," despite her earlier instructions that he keep away from their child.

Chelsea runs upstairs to see that her son—and Adam ("Gabe")—are not there. She begins to panic, but within moments, the missing duo are at the door with Adam apologizing for worrying Chelsea. It doesn't take long for the two to exchange some heated words:

"You seriously tried to steal my son?" Chelsea asks.

"Our son," replies Adam.

Adam offers another apology, even going so far as to tell Chelsea she can call the police if she wants. But she wants nothing to do with Adamor any of his many promises.

"I feel like I can make it up to you if you just give me a chance," he pleads.

"I am so done, Adam," asserts Chelsea. "I'm so sick of waiting for you to change when you never do.... I can't do this anymore. I'm so tired. I can't keep setting myself up to be disappointed by you. Please, please go."

Is Chelsea really done with Adam?  Watch the intense scene below:

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