Hilary and Devon: Their Unique Journey

Hilary and Devon's rich history

1. Hilary and Devon's rich history

Through the drama and the tears, Hilary and Devon always manage to come out stronger. Take a look through some of the biggest moments in their relationship!
A power struggle

2. A power struggle

Together again, Hilary and Devon argued about their future as both romantic and business partners as she aimed to take control of Dr. Neville's project.
A change of heart

3. A change of heart

Back in Genoa City, Hilary woke up in a hospital bed and no longer wanted to be with her husband, Devon.
Fighting for her life

4. Fighting for her life

When Hilary fell on her honeymoon, Neil took matters into his own hands by kidnapping and treating her in a secret location.
A short honeymoon

5. A short honeymoon

While hiking on her honeymoon with Devon, Neil made a surprise appearance with some seriously troubling footage. Thinking he could end the newlyweds' life before it started, Neil revealed footage of Devon with a call girl.
The wedding

6. The wedding

In front of friends and family, Devon professed his love and reminisced about their unique journey together. But when the crowd is asked if anyone objects to this union, a familiar face comes out of the shadows.
The big day looms

7. The big day looms

Neil can't seem to forgive Devon and Hilary for their betrayal. 
Here comes the bride!

8. Here comes the bride!

Lauren helped Hilary pick out her wedding dress for the big day.
Back where they belong

9. Back where they belong

True love prevailed and Hilary and Devon found their way back to each other and they got engaged!
Coming together for Hilary

10. Coming together for Hilary

Neil and Devon were forced to work together to save Hilary after their plane crashed.
Drama at 30,000 feet!

11. Drama at 30,000 feet!

Devon and Hilary's world was rocked when Neil confronted them about their affair—in the air.
A wrinkle in time

12. A wrinkle in time

Hilary tried to push Devon away after the plane crash.
Holiday bling

13. Holiday bling

Devon gave Hilary an eternity ring for the holidays.
Comfy on the couch

14. Comfy on the couch

Devon and Hilary could never stay apart for too long! Hilary's trip to the spa with Lily gave the couple some stolen moments away from Genoa City.
Making friends

15. Making friends

Hilary got to know Malcom Winters when he visited Genoa City after Neil's accident.
An interruption

16. An interruption

Devon and Hilary were ready to come forward about their relationship... until Neil had his accident and became blind.
Laundry day

17. Laundry day

Devon and Hilary risked getting caught when they got hot and heavy in the laundry room at the athletic club.
Swimming lessons

18. Swimming lessons

After Lily pushed Hilary in the pool, Devon was there to help dry her off.
The peacemaker

19. The peacemaker

Devon has struggled to keep the peace between Lily and Hilary.
Bump in the road

20. Bump in the road

Devon reluctantly stood by as Hilary married Neil.
Need some help?

21. Need some help?

Sparks continued to fly between Devon and Hilary at the GCAC fashion show.
Won't you be my Valentine?

22. Won't you be my Valentine?

Hilary and Devon began to let their guards down at the Delia Project fundraiser on Valentine's Day.
Bad timing

23. Bad timing

Neil regained his vision at the worst possible time—when he found Devon embracing Hilary!
Seeing a future together

24. Seeing a future together

Hilary and Devon dreamed about what their future could be like once Neil got his sight back.
To new beginnings

25. To new beginnings

Thankfully, Devon and Hilary got to know each other better on New Year's Eve.
Rough start

26. Rough start

When Hilary first came to town, she plotted to ruin Neil's life. Devon confronted her and she eventually made peace with the Winters family.