The Many Moods Of Adam Newman On Y&R


1. Hopeless

As Adam waits in his prison cell, his grows more and more uncertain that he'll ever experience the outside world again.

2. Calm

With the weight of the world crashing down on his shoulders, Adam took a break from the madness to spend time with his son.

3. Resolute

Adam was happy to know his son Connor safely survived the Newman Enterprises blaze, but he was also determined to find Chelsea and Jack.

4. Relieved

Adam was reunited with his beloved son Connor, whom he feared would be hurt in the disastrous Halloween gala held in Delia's honor.

5. Brave

Though he was still recovering from his accident, Adam disguised himself as a firefighter in order to get into the exploding Newman Enterprises, where Chelsea and Connor were.

6. Determined

Despite being in the hospital and under arrest, Adam convinced Michael to temporarily release him so that he could help save his family stuck in the Newman Enterprises blaze.

7. Remorseful

During the trial regarding Delia's accident, an apologetic Adam explained the pain and sorrow that haunts him.

8. Confrontational

Adam attempted to explain his remorse at a tribute honoring Delia, but many thought it was an inappropriate time for such a gesture.

9. Threatening

After Chelsea banished him from her home, Adam swore they're far from over.

10. Suspicious

Adam expressed his concern for the rapid growth of Chelsea's clothing line.

11. Happy

Adam's rare moments of happiness were when he was by Chelsea's side.

12. Emotional

Adam finally revealed his true identity to Chelsea, who thought she lost her husband in a tragic car accident.

13. Combative

After a fight about whether or not Adam had changed, Chelsea shut the door on Adam, who was left knocking away.

14. Serious

Living as "Gabriel Bingham," Adam tried to take over Newman Enterprises with his new assumed identity.

15. Passionate

Adam and Chelsea have quite the chemistry.

16. Ruthless

Adam wasn't afraid to go up against Jack, Victor and the Newmans in a quest for revenge.

17. Flirtateous

While pretending to be Gabe, Adam pursued his one true love: Chelsea.

18. Relaxed

When not busy plotting his revenge against Victor, Adam has been known to enjoy a good time here and there.

19. Puzzled

With his hands in so many different plans and schemes, every now and then something went wrong.

20. Protective

One of Adam's top priorities? His love and dedication to Chelsea and son Connor.

21. Vengeful

Adam was fueled by hatred for his father, family patriarch Victor Newman.