Y&R Recap: Tensions Run High At Adam’s Trial

Amidst all the chaos of Adam's trial, Chelsea takes some time out to enjoy a moment with Connor in the park.

Billy approaches Chelsea, who is understandably nervous about Adam's trial.

"He deserves to pay," Billy tells Chelsea.

Chelsea pleads with Billy to consider her son, who is now in danger of growing up without a father.

"Connorthat is who I was thinking of when I was on that stand," Chelsea tells Billy.

After momentarily losing track of her son, a relieved Chelsea holds Connor close.

Noah's loved ones are shocked to learn that Marisa was once married and has a child.

Not everyone is keen on Noah's relationship with Marisa.

"Stay away from her," warns Kevin.

A nervous Adam awaits Billy's testimony on the stand.

An emotional Billy recounts the painful night he lost his daughter Delia in a car accident.

"It's my fault," Billy says through tears. "If I just made sure she didn't stay in that car."


Marisa is miserable having to keep company with her manipulative ex Luca, although they enjoy one brief moment of laughter—a moment caught by Noah.

"I love you," Marisa tells Noah, "you're the only man I want to be with."