Abby And Stitch's History On Y&R

Terrible truths

1. Terrible truths

Determined to fix their relationship, Stitch planned a romantic afternoon with his wife—he even got Victor to sign a permission slip that allowed Abby to take the day off! 

But, the sweet gesture quickly turned sour when Abby admitted that she never had a "thunderbolt" moment where she knew she loved Stitch. Though Abby begged Stitch to work with her to repair their romance, he was visibly distraught and took off the moment he received a message from work. 

Will the couple be able to work through their issues?
Worry and distrust

2. Worry and distrust

After Stitch rejected her proposal for having another baby, Abby distanced herself from the marriage and realized that perhaps she wasn't ready to try again. But, as soon as she had made peace with her decision, Stitch surprised her and said he now wanted to make another effort at expanding their family. 

While Abby played along at first, she ultimately cracked and revealed that she had been taking birth control and wasn't ready to get pregnant. The confession crushed Stitch, who couldn't believe his wife would keep her true feelings from him.
Another chance

3. Another chance

After losing their child, Abby and Stitch tried to rekindle their relationship by spending a romantic afternoon in bed. However, the romance quickly fizzled when Abby brought up the idea of trying to have another baby. With his son in the hospital, Stitch said he needed time to heal his wounds before he could consider growing their family.
Devastating loss

4. Devastating loss

Max's plot to get revenge on Abby worked. After putting a clear string on the stairs at the baby shower, Max watched as Abby took a horrific tumble and ultimately lost her child. 
Abby tumbles

5. Abby tumbles

It was supposed to be one of the happiest surprises of her life, but a seemingly sweet baby shower turned into an utter disaster when Max intervened.

All week, Max acted like he was finally willing to be part of the family, encouraging Stitch and Abby to trust that their lives were on track. But, when it came time to go through with the baby shower, Max snuck off and placed a clear string on the stairwell, ultimately causing Abby to take a nasty tumble. 

Will Abby and Stitch ever learn about Max's true party intentions?
Baby news

6. Baby news

Big things are on the horizon for Abby and Stitch, who just learned they're going to be parents! While it's too early to tell if they'll be having a boy or a girl, one thing's for sure: The little Rayburn will be loved and totally spoiled!
I do

7. I do

Abby and Stitch finally tied the knot on New Year's Eve at the top of Newman Tower. Surrounded by family and friends, the gorgeous new couple shared an intimate evening filled with champagne and kisses. 
She said yes

8. She said yes

Despite Stitch's confusion over his desire for both Abby and her mother, he ultimately asked for Abby's hand in marriage. Ashley, however, had a less-than-enthusiastic response to the news.
Snack time

9. Snack time

Is there anything more romantic than sharing a snack?
In case of emergency

10. In case of emergency

Stitch took good care of Abby when she was in the hospital.
Hash it out

11. Hash it out

The two aren't always so lovey dovey: they've been known to debate issues here and there.
Mama drama

12. Mama drama

Abby's mom Ashley has been a looming figure in their relationship.
Stunning and stylish

13. Stunning and stylish

Abby and Stitch certainly share one thing in common: a great sense of style.
Undeniable attraction

14. Undeniable attraction

Stitch can't resist Abby's passionate, confident and vivacious personality.
Conflict resolution

15. Conflict resolution

Abby and Stitch have had their share of conflicts, but they always found a way to resolve them.
A helping hand

16. A helping hand

Stitch has looked after Abby more than once.
Irresistible duo

17. Irresistible duo

Who can resist such a handsome (and sweet!) doctor?
Picture perfect

18. Picture perfect

Abby and Stitch make quite the couple.