Y&R Recap: Who Set Fire To Newman Enterprises?

Though Adam is still recovering, there is already talk of how soon he can begin his sentence. Despite urging from Christine, Stitch denies a request to have Adam released from the hospital.

What exactly happened to Hilary? Genoa City tries to uncover the mystery of not only her disappearance, but her sudden apparent fear of Devon.

Paul attempts to help a confused Hilary make sense of what happened to her on the honeymoon. But Hilary, who believes she's still married to Neil, can't quite recall the events that led to her disappearance.

Neil embraces Devon, but he doesn't come clean on what he knows about Hilary.

While Genoa City enjoys a costume ball honoring Delia, danger lurks elsewhere at Newman Enterprises.

After learning that Lily was with Joe, Cane finally makes his way to the gala. But unfortunately, he finds himself fending off a lurker in disguise. Who could it be?

The mysterious cloaked figure knocks out Cane, who was on his way to join Lily.

Stitch tries the elevator, but is blasted by an explosion that leaves the building in a toxic blaze.