Which Y&R Character Is Your Dream Man?

Jack Abbott

1. Jack Abbott

Born and raised in Genoa City, this dapper businessman always looks classy in a suit. Although he's devoted to the family business, he isn't afraid to stand up for what he thinks is right, even it means standing up for the Newmans. 

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Michael Baldwin

2. Michael Baldwin

Smart, charming, and committed, Michael Baldwin is a one-of-a-kind guy. He's faced his fair share of battles over the years, from cancer to marital, but he always comes out on top and stronger than ever. 

Billy Abbott

3. Billy Abbott

Billy is known for being a bit of a bad boy in Genoa City, but that doesn't stop women from falling head over heels for him. While sleeping with his brother's wife may not have been his proudest moment, Billy undoubtedly chases his heart—and the women he loves. 

Nick Newman

4. Nick Newman

Handsome, tall, and successful—it's no wonder the women love the dashing Newman heir. His romance record includes Phyllis, Sharon, and Sage. A devoted and doting father, he cherishes his children and spending time with his family.
Cane Ashby

5. Cane Ashby

With a sultry Australian accent and amazing body, Cane oozes a certain air of mystery that we just can't resist. Loyal and passionate, he isn't afraid to raise his voice to fight for what he believes in, especially when it comes to his wife Lily.
Victor Newman

6. Victor Newman

The family patriarch will do everything—and anything—to keep the Newman family together. While his actions aren't always appreciated by others, Victor believes in doing what one must to keep a family intact.
Neil Winters

7. Neil Winters

Sure, he has his flaws (stalking and kidnapping his son's wife being one of them), but Neil possesses a gentle, giving side for those he loves. Like supporting his close friend Nikki during her sobriety struggles, Neil offers a helping hand when he can.
Noah Newman

8. Noah Newman

Sweet, gentle and forgiving, Noah wooed the gorgeous and mysterious Marisa simply by being a mensch. He's certainly suffered his share of heartache, and so when he finds someone he loves, he's willing to go the distance to make it work.
Paul Williams

9. Paul Williams

Hardworking and dependable, Paul is an upstanding pillar of the community who refuses to compromise when it comes to justice. Tough but compassionate, he puts his police badge to use by helping solve the many crimes and mysteries of Genoa City.

10. Ben "Stitch" Rayburn

Calm and collected, Stitch knows how to work well under pressure—be it in the emergency room or in an argument with a woman. Genoa City appreciates this medical professional's bravery and trustworthiness.
Devon Hamilton

11. Devon Hamilton

This affluent newlywed is bursting with passion. Whether it be expressing his love for a woman or searching for a missing wife, he does it all with a fiery conviction that's hard to contain.
Kevin Fisher

12. Kevin Fisher

Who doesn't love a man handy with computers? This tech wiz is eager, ambitious and quick on his feet—not to mention a total sweetheart!

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