Stitch's Long Road To Love On Y&R

Stitch's loves

Stitch's loves

Stitch Rayburn has had a complicated, long road to love. The dashing doctor is currently torn between his commitment to the young and vivacious Abby Newman and her mother, the accomplished and sharp Ashley Abbott. Click through to see how Stitch got to this point.

Following an awkward talk with her parents, Abby wonders why Ashley seems so keen on the wedding happening sooner than later. "It's because of me," explains Stitch.

At Stitch's bedside following the Halloween gala blast, a tearful Abby begged him to get better—so that they can finally marry. In the distance, her mother Ashley looked on.

Following the blast, Abby and Ashley—the two women in love with Stitch—were informed that Stitch was in critical condition at the hospital.

Stitch and Ashley's romance quickly came to a halt when they found themselves in danger of a collapsing building. Stitch protected Ashley by using his body to shield her from flying debris. 

What was meant as a safety mission turned into something far more complicated. Trapped together, Stitch and Ashley admitted their unresolved feelings for each other and shared a passionate kiss.


During the Newman Enterprises explosion, Ashley decided to take the stairs for safety, soon thereafter joining Stitch to try to tell everyone the children are fine.

Just as Stitch is about to propose to Abby, he's interrupted by an inquiring Ashley. Later, she lets him know she thinks they might be moving a tad too fast.

As Stitch and Abby got closer, Ashley didn't hide her concern from her former beau, whom she often encountered around town.

Despite their minor altercations, Stitch and Abby found their way back to each other.

At times, Stitch didn't quite know how to handle Abby's passionate and stubborn behavior. They had broken up once after a very heated argument.

Oftentimes, Ashley would take a playful but critical tone of Stitch's budding relationship with her daughter.

Adding to her attraction, Abby also looked to Stitch to take care of her, which wasn't hard for a doctor to do. 

Ashley had to temper her unresolved feelings for Stitch, who was now dating her daughter. She kept her feelings to herself, but she didn't make a secret that she wasn't 100 percent supportive of the relationship.

Abby was at first apprehensive, but her attraction to Stitch was too strong.

Stitch soon found himself falling for the brazen but young Abby, despite having previously dated her sister Victoria and briefly romancing her mother Ashley. Interestingly, Abby first kissed Ben at The Underground just to make her then ex-boyfriend Tyler jealous.

Ashley wasn't shy about her interest in Stitch. The shrewd businesswoman once faked being chilly so Stitch would give her his scarf. The evening ended in a kiss—and Stitch apologizing.

Ironically, Abby had at one point tried to pair up Stitch with her mother Ashley.

After Billy's affair with Kelly was exposed, Victoria began dating Stitch. Genoa City's new handsome doctor was recently divorced and looking for love.

Ultimately, Victoria decided to reconcile with Billy, which left a heartbroken Stitch single and back on the Genoa City market.