Y&R Recap: Should Cane Give Lily Another Chance?

Lily is incredibly relieved that Cane survived the Newman Enterprises blast, and takes the opportunity to invite her husband back into their home. The kids "will be thrilled," Lily tells a cautious Joe.

But Cane, still recovering from the sting that his wife suspected foul play in Hilary's disappearance, is wary. "I can't come home and pretend everything's OK," he tells Lily.

A shocked Lily confides in her former lover Joe, who promises it will all work out. But will it?

All of Genoa City is coming to terms with what happened during the Halloween gala. Phyllis and Jack rehash the explosive night that left them battling an escaped Patty, who lunged at Phyllis.

Meanwhile, a foggy Sharon attempts to demand her doctor take her off medication. "I don't like how the medicine's making me feel," she says. "I said no."

Paul also takes aim at Dr. Anderson, insisting she explain just how his sister Patty—presumed dead—was able to escape the treatment facility. 

After Christine fought to have Adam immediately transferred to a prison hospital, a furious Chelsea asks where her humanity is.

Despite Adam's help in the blaze, Billy still doesn't think he should be able to walk around a free man.

A mourning Sage seeks comfort in Nick's arms following the news of their baby son Christian's passing.

"Sage is really going to need our support right now," Nikki tells Victor.

Abby and Ashley—the two women in love with Stitch—are informed that he is in critical condition, with his breathing labored.