Y&R Recap: Should Noah Keep Fighting For Marisa?

Marisa is caught between two men: one she loves, and one who demands her love.

Luca manipulated Marisa into a superficial reunion, with the reward being details of their child who was given up for adoption. But her ex-husband soon realizes that it won't be easy to get Marisa to forget her love of Noah. Infuriated upon hearing Marisa speak Noah's name, Luca said the one name he knows she wants: her daughter's. 

Take a look back at some of Marisa's memorable relationship moments on Y&R.

It's been torture for Noah to see Marisa pretend she's back together with Luca, especially when he runs into her around Genoa City. But Marisa, still in love with the sweet Newman, continues to depend on him while living with Luca.

Marisa is torn and emotionally burdened by her decision to return to her ex, but feels it necessary in order to gain access to her daughter, whom she gave away. At the same time, Victor has tried to get Marisa out of Genoa City and far away from his grandson.

After learning of Marisa's ex and daughter, Noah's friends warned him about further pursuing a relationship.

Luca refused to give up on Marisa, repeatedly reminding her of their time together and that he knows how to find their daughter. He ultimately made an indecent proposal she couldn't refuse.

Upon discovering that Marisa was keeping secrets, Noah broke up with her. But it didn't last long: Marisa professed her love to Noah and the two quickly fell into each other's arms.

Marisa was instrumental in helping bring down her dangerous ex Marco. It was, at first, hard for Noah to wrap his head around all her exes.

Noah introduced Marisa to his friends and family in Genoa City, who all quickly took to the sweet and mysterious newcomer.

Marisa found herself falling for Noah's sweet and caring nature, a far departure from her ruthless and conniving former lovers.

Noah took a serious step with Marisa when he brought her to Sage and Nick's baby shower, where all the Newmans were gathered.

While they may have tried to keep their relationship strictly professional, Noah and Marisa just couldn't deny their attraction.