Y&R Recap: Tensions Rise As The Appeal Trial Nears


Christine is excited to meet Judge Elise Moxley for the first time before Adam's appeal, but is surprised to learn Elise thinks she's playing games. Christine assures the judge that she doesn't mess with dirty politics, forcing Elise to realize just who does. 

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Hilary still struggles to remember her happy past with Devon and angrily threatens to run once again. As she learns more about how she treated Neil during their marriage, Hilary is engulfed in guilt. 

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With her heart aching, Hilary makes the decision to apologize to Neil once again for the horrible things she's done to him. While Neil and Gwen beg her to take the pills to regain her memory, Hilary remains hesitant.

"I'm not afraid of them affecting my health—I'm afraid of them affecting my heart," Hilary tells her ex-husband. "What if it makes me love someone that I'm not supposed to love?" 

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Nikki confronts Judge Elise Moxley and asks if there's bad blood between them. As Elise tells Nikki she'll be leaving the case, Victor walks in and makes a veiled threat. Elise confirms she'll still oversee the appeal but can make no promises. 

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Neil pleads with Gwen to stay by his side as they struggle to keep Hilary's captivity a secret. They agree to get in contact with Dr. Neville and to continue pushing Hilary to take her pills.

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Gwen meets with Dr. Neville as he continues to cover his tracks. Now that Dylan knows Neville's name, Gwen warns him to fly under the radar until things cool down. 

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