Y&R Recap: Lily Gives In To Temptation

More than just friends

1. More than just friends

Although Lily tried to reunite with Cane, her husband seems intent on standing his ground—and destroying Joe. But his strategy only seems to drive his wife and nemesis closer together.
An intimate conversation goes further

2. An intimate conversation goes further

"You're not alone," Joe whispered to a distraught Lily, who fears Cane is bent on revenge.
Caught in the act

3. Caught in the act

"What are you doing here?" Lily said to Cane when he found her in Joe's bed.
A father's help?

4. A father's help?

Colin encouraged Cane to clear his name with a devious plan that incorporates Joe.
Coming clean

5. Coming clean

Both Neil and Devon apologized for their many mishaps dealing with Hilary. 

"It's not about Hilary; it's about us," Devon said. "It needs to stop."
Who will Hilary choose?

6. Who will Hilary choose?

Now that Hilary is back, her feelings have changed: she now longs for Neil. Who will she end up with?

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